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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 10, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> reporter: they areas hospitals been called on an alert after a police officer has been shot. investigators say a 17 lowboy kidnap and rape police--pizza delivery woman. 17 year old boy. >> reporter: quick update on traffic and weather. absolutely beautiful this of the camera there that we haven't staffers as though international airport. on
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the early tuesday morning looking at the sun coming up over rising and 705 in san francisco. i despair at that all night--all morning. i wish i had a camera to take a picture of that. it doesn't he stepped out the door you can feel a bit about 10 to 15 degrees colder than was yesterday's. model this afternoon 56 degrees will continue to get warm in the upper sixties to low seventies as we got through the week. and we can we might break a record breaker with high-pressure dominating our forecast. 41 in santa rosa and livermore. i will have a full attack
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forecast at 715. >> reporter: we are tracking and hot spot and said martinez. was from the walnut creek we had an accident southbound at north ministry several out reports of the second track-crash-on the street. it's back up a right onto highway for on southbound to 42 that drives time is up 22 minutes now just to get from here to here sueded jam up it will put a lot of pressure on national valley. over the bay bridge the west brown ride continues to slow boat the backup has not grown because and has been backed into the maze for some time.
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now 26 striped tie--time. you how easy trip stilt across the golden gate bridge even if you're coming down from a bottle your still only in half an hour to 35 minutes away from the toll plaza. >> reporter: santa clara police are looking for suspects involved in the shooting grit here with the latest details will!. you and >> reporter: see the intersection right behind me is busy right now because the traffic is flowing. let's show you the video that offers a result of all the shooting around 545 the undercover santa clara police officer was following a mercedes to the
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point where here she'd at this point in and around me know the gender of the police officer got officer found cost old enough to pull over the mercedes and got to investigates and an offer saddam celebrant and ended up one after police officer fired several shots as the mercedes and then takes off then called for backup. the mercedes was long gone they told bay area hospitals to be all over just in case the person goes in for gunshot wounds and they can let officers know to the can, make an arrest. so they're not clear every and one of the in the car was hit by bullets. the y intersection was close down for 3 1/4 hours. might be
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connected to a string of burglaries hope to get an update from them through this kron 4 morning as. >> reporter: measles numbers are out this morning the virus is continuing to spread in california a hundred and seven firm cases. to one or counting all but 18 are tied to power break and disneyland. six percent of them are 20 age and older. >> reporter: vote on eliminating the personal belief wherever and schools
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immunization. some are choosing not to vaccinate the child do to religious beliefs. >> reporter: 17 year-old boy is accusing of kidnapping and raping a domino's pizza deliveryman. >>: he ordered her back to her car and then ordered her to drive to another location in the city at that location he sexually assaulted her and ordered her to drive back. he robert about some of our belongings when he got back to the location and he got away on foot. the company was shocked and horrified by what happened is some thinkable that something like this happen
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to innocent woman who was simply trying to earn a living. the will provide her with anything she meets in the meantime. >> reporter: police were called at the safeway store and firefighters the dog was on fire--dock the building was evacuated as a precaution. inside this trailer there is a pressure washer hit that was being used. 53 your woman that was caught trying aboard airplanes without a ticket was called again and arrested. more coming up
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for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. >> reporter: as you head down from, to 42 in 681 we are back up alway to highway 484. this right is
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completely the agenda and remember you get traffic in its time with kron 4 mobile at it's a free download it works on android and apple devices is a great option to stay up to date we cannot watch kron 4. >> reporter: this lady here has been arrested again marilyn jean arthur traveling for free. she is known for trying to write for free. she flew to jacksonville without a ticket and then went to a hotel and checked into another person's room. everything went downhill when a person who booked a hotel showed up. wertshe has
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also repeatedly tried to board flights on as at all in white without a ticket. >> reporter: 40 christina brown will be taken off life-support tomorrow this is the anniversary of her mother's death. didbobby brown made the decision when he realized his daughter would not be recovering. there has found injuries on her body when she got to the hospital. >> reporter: we will have more on the impact here of your for calls. san francisco police are still investigating the body found in a suitcase carried--.
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more buildings collapsing due to the snow.
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brksidchocatenohas crun. brooide unchclusrs - cris mul-gras an eet uit-avor pies dipp in ch dk cholat discer boksi unchclusrs.
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>> reporter: the parents notified about their
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daughter that was held hostage by ices have learned their daughter was killed in a bill in it were hit in a jordanian air fight. will bid on more on the story will get a little bit more reformation. -- information. >>: industrial plant also cave in and because of the small were unaware house collapsing as well. over 70 in. of snow on record
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becky's present credible. >> reporter: 72 in. of snow already looks last few days in boston. they have not ever had this much snow before. we have got so snow still falling in places like maine, upstate new york and pennsylvania. it is one to accommodate for them is more snow on the way you can concierge developing. come wednesday late friday it will begin to start setting the scene for a nasty winter. the brahms are not over yet they have more on the way. -- the storm. blue
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skies above it is a cool crisp morning as you head out the door temperatures retinol are in the 40's to get quick look at we're seeing right now git 45 for 0: 46 for san jose a little bit more for staffers to scope. the low 50s for livermore and santa rosa. here's what you will see to it orders go out and burn the day 90--9:00 our will see this weather and good luck to the '60s. >> reporter: 40 eason--for the evening our in the
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'40's and will see another cold front tomorrow. high pressure over the bay a cloud over our north. temperatures will go in the mid-60s to upper 60s in the south bay lower 60s in the east valley. staffers of the downtown 63 for you most of the place look--peninsula will be mostly sunny skies. or the warm-up for the weekend that is a weather now let's head over to the traffic with the problems are. >> reporter: the problems
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are solved bomb on 680 with a back on has translated as you can see--traffic on 680. 20 and 21 minutes on a busy day traffic rights should only be that. 26 minutes on macarthur raise. look at this threat the plea at a standstill pact with the drive time spikes from 22 to 29 time. ever since they began the new guide the channel risers at the toll plazas it has achieved its
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desired which is to slow the traffic approaching the tolls. and looking at the richmond bridge right we're just a little bit back up on the 580 west, but approaching the toll plaza. >> reporter: 3 weather is over is still a lot of cleanup storm during o'clock in the trees are not down. the power has been restored. more than 58,000 customers were affected by the storm. the city says it will take down for additional trees because it is to dangerous to leave them as is. a lot of kids are walking on all city officials say they can't take a chance the four additional trees will likely come out before the end of
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the month. >> reporter: police investigation of the human head list torso found in a suitcase. investigators say the men accused was found dead saturday as he committed itself to a hospital. no cause of death or the victim in the suitcase. >> reporter: 628 area code will cost five--the change will affect all 415 area codes. one must be included
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in front of these area coal to. any of these area codes not use with the one before calling it will end in error message. >> reporter: the dnc has been running a message. several people i talk to the they had no idea that this was happening. >>: i had no idea this was happening. if i get a number like that i might it be like was this person? >>: this kind of mixing mad.
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--makes me mad.
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>> reporter: the u.s. is
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already been involved in the bombing confect--campaign. against ices. --isis. to let on kron 4 morning nails-- news. police are looking at two separate robberies onager restore the not too far from each other's and what they might have in common. coming up on kron 4 morning is
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>> reporter: welcome back to
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the kron 4 morning mills you any updates on the kron 4 mall at. --mobile app. the wind is calm and cool this morning you can look at those flags not slapping. --flapping. mid-40s for san jose to san francisco model of 50 degrees. in the afternoon we will see these temperatures we are looking mostly for the mid '60s. 66 in the south bay in the east bay valley low 60s was slightly warmer conditions as you had to the shoreline.
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with a little bit of the peninsula coming in with the '60s and 65. much more detail to and looked at again coming up at 745. >> reporter: debris at 680 south about at pleasantville wrote. as you come down we're not quite back down to the benicia abridged read we are back up on my way for were the 242 right in the 680 read blood did backed up behind highway 84 and the southbound direction. we continued tracks the commute. slow traffic here
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at will before toll plaza. for the was bound to 80 right. >> reporter: problems out was called cops can have a huge problem on the economy. problems backing up and consumers pay more. between was close dockers and shippers. was the blame for this now? >>: the roses collapsing on its own weight. >> reporter: he said the employers have been taken away a second and third shift in the safety of its
7:33 am
employees it is paramount. >>: we do not have to go just you we are one to put too much volume on the street. --if you get rid of two shifts. >>: i think they need to settle down and get this straight. once the take care of it would be able to everything shipped out. >> reporter: guinness mahon note is not this will cause the economy $2 million. a
7:34 am
day. >>: we are just not handling that load. and needs to be taking care of immediately. >> reporter: hopefully they get this deal done and get things going. >> reporter: two men were gunned down police are looking at this video and seen his 1992 mercury. police went to homes and see if the scene is light blue card and if there weren't any witnesses. >>: they're a lot of people screaming and everyone was upset >> reporter: offering a
7:35 am
$20,000 reward that lead up to the arrest. >> reporter: first robbery happened last week at the tiff and distort it three suspects came into the door store ordering everyone to get down and got away with a lot of jury--jewelry and took away--took off in a libel as uv. please do not know of these tools robbery's have anything in common. >> reporter: coming up on kron 4 morning
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at longtime casino near the vegas strip meets its end. >> reporter: follow close the morning because of this brought siberia--rock slide.
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>> reporter: we're looking still at nearly a 40 minute drive from highway 4 and down to 42 down to the walnut creek interchange. that is nearly twice the drive time. complete traffic time not remember you can get traffic in a
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time at the kron 4 mobile at. --app whenever it is that you are on the go and cannot watch. >> reporter: wall far on the eastern slope. firefighters are letting people back into their homes starting last night. 40 homes were destroyed in that fired none will be it will go end salvage what they can. >> reporter: an explosion of the casino that was up for more than 40 years. a hotel that offers gambling. one by
7:41 am
the petty will the debbie reynolds it was a greek isles for a while. the new owner does not know what will replace this hotel. it was a nice city in the place was really nice that one point. >> reporter: if he showed again that part of the building did not collapse like it was supposed to. for the rest of the week and i think you'll like the forecast. i will explain it we can expect and the town a preview of " warm weather will have the rest of the week. coming up next
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i'm not a big fan of jack in the box burgers and... this is really good! thanks... i guess. that is my new buttery jack with garlic herb butter melted right on. you can go classic or bacon & swiss will they melt in your mouth? you butter believe it. >> reporter: the storm was a welcome relief for some
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skiers more snow is in the forecast at this resort. the mounds are getting a more tour 4 in. are sold tonight. --the mountains will get more snow. >> reporter: and austin-- boston got over 60 in. of snow and a lot of schools were closed because of all the snow days. left office it to 20 hold and get on a train and get home on time. i was on the train for about two hours. one man said.
7:46 am
>>: the whole process was a nuisance. >> reporter: nobody wants to go there now you know you're tough with the snow when your reaction is it's not that bad. they can't cleared out enough out it's pretty incredible. the snow is still falling across maine. trading ahead of the round of one rather which is on track with an rtc here it is working its way a. this will start acting new england will see more snow coming out and then another round winners set up for the
7:47 am
weekend. here in the bay area of course we are loving it we have fantastic weather to look for to this week and is a live shot. early morning sunshine that is we have waiting for you as you head out the morning-the door-this morning. it is a little bit on the chilly side. summit '40's on the east bay. 45 in oakland. as for little rock today to address for warm or brought along these lines around 9:00 low 60s 3 this afternoon we will keep in the '60s. tatars were
7:48 am
dropped right back down in the '50s. the white picture shows the wet weather a little dome of high pressure protecting the bay area. just a few calls and that is just a little bit. rte. 64 to 66 degrees. in the east bay shoreline look for 65 degrees. a whole lot cooler near the beaches again with decent sunshine and afternoon. >> reporter: beautiful looking whether set up for this holiday weekend valentine's day on saturday don't forget it will be 73 and sunday. and the traffic
7:49 am
coming at. and don't forget our snowball down, the report. >> reporter: 7 engines of the new snow on the ground. in melrose 16 in. of snow on the ground not bad. and for some the press in a george. >> reporter: our house bought in interstate 680. we are back up your we finally seen a downtick in the drive time down from 39 to 31 minutes. 680 is not that quick to unwind. first a look at the shore 680
7:50 am
southdown has no backup area. south bay freeway in 1185 into eddie boyd no relief here make up for life right yesterday. in the marin right is slowing down with a 28 minute drive. lesbos still backed up solidly--westbound. a wide load is on the road that could be why it is backed up. it's only 18 minutes across the span but nearly
7:51 am
30 to get it from a world where over to some detail. -- san metao. >> reporter: a person led a police on a wild chase. he keeps going and jumps out of a car and car jacks another person and drives off again. one individual said that she was very afraid when he when >>: i was very scared he used the gun up to my face and told me to get out of the car. >> reporter: the men did get
7:52 am
stuck in traffic he did attempt to steal another car but the police caught up with them. >> reporter: charles manson wedding is off because his fiancee wanted to put his corpse on display will for when he died and get money for it. he thinks that's a bad idea because he believes he is never more to die. >> reporter: the display at and cools during world series strophes it will be shown from 8 to noon at the grand entrance. there will
7:53 am
be taken on both professional golfers including bill more in a raid or mono. --ray romona. we will be back. avor wit oticruituice it's cholatand uit avor likeou've ner expeencebefo. dioverrookde.
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don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit >> reporter: back to kron 4 morning news reports on the last morning--mon. woman found support in items in a back in her closet in washington did recognize some of objects. there are just used armstrong when he set foot on the moon. >> reporter: is smiley face
7:57 am
that is actually a space cluster. they are actually too distant galaxies strong galaxy indentation. >> reporter: looks just like a smiley face. >> reporter: officials are considering adding a third lane are rich in san rafael bridge pripet--bridge we're. tracking a winter storm on the north east.
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>> reporter: developing story out in sunnyvale looking for an individual who was accused of run trying to run over a police officer. what more details on that. taken by at and ices group has been killed. woman kidnapped by a isis group has been killed. >> reporter: james fletcher retracting the morning sunshine. few wispy clouds
8:01 am
to the north. a slight breeze in the air and that's about it not that here are the headlines. today we are waking up to slightly cool temperatures. you will notice that the minute you step outside. we're not want to be in the mid '50s like we were yesterday. this afternoon it will be nice in my note. --again. got to look for to here is what we see tempers are now. here is what it will look like tonight--right now 63 for
8:02 am
san francisco 64 in oakland. let's get to the traffic problems george has been tracking that. >> reporter: several rostock activity this morning. southbound 680 we started with the problems here in walnut creek which left the back up and to convert in pleasant hill. here on 680 southbound in capsule will and pleasanton a new accident is backing up the right solid lead at the 580 interchange. daintily and has not yet it back up the westbound. thahankfully has
8:03 am
not backed up the westbound yet. 20 minutes on the bridge if you're heading on the golden gate bridge still a smooth ride. skip >> reporter: send a clear police are continuing to sell--turned down a suspect who tried to run over a police officer it was eight undercover police officer involved in the shooting last night. >> reporter: that's right the shooting took place behind me happened around 635 last night the undercover santa clara police officer was following a mercedes and believing it could have been linked to a string of armed robberies. i just got off the phone at
8:04 am
with the santa clara police officers. after pulling over the part of a police officer tried to investigate and that when the suspect goes after the police officer several jobs were fired. the have hospitals on high alert in the bay area because they think the suspect got shot. they are trying to track down the driver of a card it was long gone the hospitals have been notified in case anyone was coming in for a gunshot wound and police will be notified. the spokesmen for the senate cleared police department
8:05 am
are notified. >> reporter: 6 the officers name has not been released but i am told they were trying to look at the details. and as well as how long and the police offered sir has been on the police force. >> reporter: 63 row for repeatedly trying to get on airplanes without a sixth ticket. she did on sunday and again without a plane ticket and then get into a hotel under someone else's name. she ran off when the
8:06 am
person who actually booked a hotel came and. you may remember back in august she was arrested eating on a flight to san jose to lax. >> reporter: we learned the parents of american woman held by ices has been notified of her death her name is taylor mueller. her parents released a statement " they have been told she is tired--died. "ices group said it would kill miller if she did not--if her parents did not hand over.
8:07 am
>> reporter: he ordered her back hurt consumer car and ordered her to drive to another place in the city and at that location he sexually assaulted her and ordered her to drive back. and he brought her as some of her belongings and then took off on foot. a 17 year- old boy drops a pizza delivery grow. woman. >> reporter: body christina brown will be taken off life-support toman the 30- year anniversary of her mother whitney houston.
8:08 am
bobby brown realizes his 21 year-old daughter will not recover. the scene will be investigated because on her body were found bruises. president >> reporter: in boston tried to shovel out from all the snow this morning we will have the latest on will prove collapsed and want residents join how deep the snow is. measles virus and is continued to spread in california. will have more news on out break after this.
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♪ ♪
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♪ iyou nt it ♪ ♪ gout d geit ♪ welcome back to kron 4 morning news state officials health officials say that the measles vaccine--is continuing to spread in california. the measles originated from those who took a trip to disneyland. >> reporter: nice clear skies will talk about this we can come up in a minute.
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what on >> reporte>> reporter: welcome back heavy rain. officials say the rising sea level off the city's coast made this plumbing worse. the rain will continue over several days. snow falling is
8:15 am
breaking records in boston. kids in boston have and had it weaken school because of the snow days. the calling of the snow has stopped trains from running. they are using snow melters to get rid of some of the snow. have any--heavy snow has ended and boston. to make things worse snow continued fall down as choose try and get personal--it's no offer for car.
8:16 am
>> reporter: a quick look at the north east. all the residents are trying to dig out their local fire margin. they're asking people if you know your street in your fire margarine they get out to help out emergency responders. things have tapered down up a little bit puzzled looks nice we have a brief break we have another system on the way. thursday and friday and another one on the weekend. here in the bay area we're looking at my sunshine and warm temperature on the way. the haziness that you see there on the forecast is is some smoke coming off of
8:17 am
the roof. there is no far things are looking ninth to produce right now are up in the upper 40's and low 50s. to verger's a warm-up to these levels--temperatures will warm-up to these 62 in antioch 63 in livermore. in the east bay's shoreline 63 downtown oakland 63. 63 in this city with temperatures will be in the low sixties in the most of the plaza was. --peninsulas. 66 to 67 out time you get down to san jose and the valley. mostly
8:18 am
sunny skies everywhere as the satellite shows us. >> reporter: what--warmer temperatures we will go up to the '70s as we look at pelletize day. --valentines day. >> reporter: walnut creek extremely back up a new hot spot with police activity in antioch on the antioch bridge the day closed the northbound lane about 20 minutes ago. just recently shut down the southbound lane is well so out both the direction of the ncr board shutdown this is one to create major problems on the 680 south bronx. --south
8:19 am
bound. back up the right on highway 4 again both of the antioch and bridge is closed off. we're back up into a pleasant to an end to the dublin. the bay bridge still backed up here was bound despite these openings in the left lane or back up through the maze on 580 was bound. the san mateo bridge still a slow crawl from a we're all the way to 92 to the toll plaza that out to the 11. the golden gate bridge at still a little sluggish. and we're getting word that in may be an accident admits ban on the richmond bridge and it certainly looks like that
8:20 am
the traffic is coming at a crawl here for the was bought a new right. >> reporter: the white house is said to is is that legislation on congress. the u.s. is already been involved in the bombing, can and ices target and ices and direct. --isis and iraq president obama has options. >> reporter: he said the only send a copy of the
8:21 am
president copy of his book of the book entitled believer. the book is more of the cells than the president. >> reporter: met with the egyptian president and cairo today. happening now government and horseman's reporting gains--gangs. so far more than 5300 people have died since the fighting began last april. >> reporter: you may have the update all the contacts in your cellphone coming up.
8:22 am
a chilly morning but a warning afternoons that arose the 43 decreased the height of the 60 degrees.
8:23 am
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and capped wit re dicioness ber-nse fuel rninrewa. tomorr, yocan ve iall.♪n'llome t, torro♪ ady urse with kellogg' osteminiheat see u at brefast. >> reporter: welcome back to kron 4 morning news. at
8:25 am
the antioch british police have shut down its close in both directions we both--we do know police agencies are trying to bring into custody a person because of that they have shut down north and southbound. and german the west bay for right. --jamming up. >> reporter: kron 4 trawls clickers plans what happened--explains what will happen. annie's 415 area
8:26 am
code must begin with a one in addition with the seven digits of the phone number. according to the california puc in the air cold--area code that does not begin with a one in front of the phone number with in it and error message. they're trying to get the word out on the message. but despite our reach campaign several people i've talked to had no idea this was happening. >>: i really did not have any idea this was happening until you mentioned it. i might say something right was this person because i do not recognize the number.
8:27 am
>> reporter: the new 628 area code will be distributed to phones is starting in march. >> reporter: ahead on kron 4 morning as a stretch of highway entire hold its close because of this rockslide i will tell you how to get around this coming up next. a plan to add a third lane on the richmond bridge. ♪ ♪ hersy's spreads. brg the delious steof hersh'chocate to athing -
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erytng. withersh'spreads, thpossibilits ardelious.
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>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news the police have shut down the anti got rich on the north and south side. the chp was notified came and just a little bit at 730 so now we're looking at nearly one hour to close the northbound lanes of about 40 minutes ago the southbound lanes about 30 minutes ago. the bridge completely shut down backing up traffic. you're not so pleasant and on friday he was brought in back it up solidly all the way to castro. we are still slow in the mark carter remains 20 minutes plus ride. off the bridge is
8:31 am
still heavy enough that that is a 30 minute drive from hayward to send and tail. >> reporter: first one to tell you about this mass of rock site in the sierra in turkey in the sugar bowl look at these rocks that slid down on the roadway. and as parallel to interstate 880. thankfully no one was injured. the storm broke on in the ski resort more solid than the forecast this is a video of
8:32 am
this north's deeds resort. was suspected to get more snow overnight it did get more snow. i think it warm- up is coming this way >> reporter: it is in a matter of fact i was then about tahoe, and then the 15 minutes out of your small dogcart ski resorts. --snow a report showing us beautiful skies right now it looks fantastic out there right now let's talk about the temperatures we're seeing currently on perimeters around the bay area. thermometers.
8:33 am
>> reporter: down in the south bay we're reaching the 50 degree mark. 50 degrees and pleasanton. that's always see temperatures warming up to the minute or even upper 60s in the south bay. 63 of downtown san francisco. coming back at 845. the offer is there is valentine's day on saturday. >> reporter: its berlin on the sand--richmond bridge.
8:34 am
--a third lane. on the sprawling and actually a bike lane as well. the plan may be moving in for work-- foward. adding a third lane to these broad direction and by--bike path. there were to approve it many of them walked across trans. >> reporter: evening is one
8:35 am
of the worst commute around this time. as far as the bike and pedestrian laying went up to the west palm of the salmon to abridge-- richmond bridge do with money from the toll but will not have to increase the toll that meeting tomorrow night the bay area will need small to discuss it. they're likely to go ahead and improvement and will head with the plans. >> reporter: a nine month battle between was close doctors and the shippers made a huge back up. --west
8:36 am
coast dockers. the have taken await a second and third shift. will cost the economy $2 billion a day. i have yet never seen so much cargo or ships like this in my day. >> reporter: police and oakland have a new lead on the case of two men were gunned down on west oakland this happened three weeks ago. new surveillance photos are 1993 mercury car. two men in their 20s were
8:37 am
killed police went into neighborhood and ask people if they've seen anything in their work of $20,000-- re ward of 20,000 on a lead. >>: of we have a concrete floor aluminum cans and back into the compressor is almost all arenas have compressor just like this.
8:38 am
>> reporter: the water run freeze and will work out just fine. and then find his droned over six straight part. >> reporter: and coming up on kron 4 morning the old is your television spine on you? but experts have to say about samsung smart tv and what information it could be getting from you. so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
ery y. you soot imade suay! >> reporter: back to the kron 4 morning news a major hot spots and closure at the ncr board because of a police action. it is shut down at both directions it is backed up southbound 160 and has an agenda was bombed by way for coming off the bike as time to get to the antioch at the 160 northbound. the kron 4 it morning at you would have received an update. it is a free download it works on apple provides is an android. more when kron 4 returns
8:42 am
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8:44 am
>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a major top spot that we are tracking right now and antiart bridges close not in both directions. police have closed down there trying to take eight individual into custody. another hot spot we're attracting of stepping your bridge brought-try-8
8:45 am
affecting your commute. i believe we have another shot we can show you of the span. you conceive a meeting with jackie sissel of adding the circling to help with the traffic. -- a third lane it is backed up beyond castro. still back up in the maze this a little deceptive. we're seem to getting these openings and the left lane converting now to normal fast-track wang's. --lanes.
8:46 am
>> reporter: highway 92 was bound to back up solidly from the toll plaza and still slow mostly from hayward on 880 was down leading over to the toll plaza. here's james >> reporter: this is a walnut creek camera turned into the direction we do not release the part walnut creek camera. looking out of the date we see clear skies above it is absolutely beautiful. we're stand a lot of mid to upper '40's beginning to warm up so that is what we ought to look for two as we had out the door this morning. 64 in san francisco is gradually
8:47 am
warming up. mr. kopper '60s in the south bay 66 on staffers said so. --san jose. and richmond 65 downtown oakland 67. a little more war machine had gone to san mateo. across the north bay low to mid '60's as well. santa rosa it would give up to 65. all the rent we had over the weekend that is gone. -- rain is gone from the weekend.
8:48 am
>> reporter: saturday and sunday looking fantastic if you do plan on had up-- heading up to tahoe for some skiing hear some good news will be getting more small-- snow. six more inches on the ground not bad. that is your snowballed got calms the report. the report. >> reporter: samsung has a voice command tv. microsoft
8:49 am
net has also been known to listen to everything you have said. i better be quiet laughter.. >> reporter: look beyond a look out for tax related scams. many consumers toward the set out to put out some of their most personal affirmation as they go out to get their taxes done by text appears here it. avoid tax doers greet--don't go
8:50 am
to tax preparers who based their feet off of how much you get back from taxes. the irs says warning signs of tax writers--tax repairs are reset taxes. make sure you still can't get in touch with your tax preparer after the tax deadline. >> reporter: 1700 stores will close for real shot go
8:51 am
on seven--radio shcack stores will be closing. beginning of next week passengers can use apps on their phone. five users were you i i i had many. >> reporter: happening today all eight sat francisco giants and 49ers championship trophies will
8:52 am
be on display. three world series trophy is will be shown from 80 am to noon at the grand entrance. niners and giants players will compete in a charity tournament that will be taken on cockerels and other celebrities. --golf payers amnd other celbs. >> reporter: and before the game on the davis will meet a baseball pitcher. there
8:53 am
she is a meeting steph career and the rest of the warriors. she signed the sports illustrated cover. she talked about meeting says curry >>: he is my favorite there -he is my favorite player i was really pan attention when he first came out it was nice meeting him. >> reporter: meeting a silly--philly warrior.
8:54 am
>> reporter: coming up on kron 4 morning news more news and weather and traffic on the comeback. fa.fastctinadvi is desigd wi an tra-in atin and fa absbingdvilon re thnoly stopping headaes a oth toh pa.
8:55 am
st. relief dsn'tet a betr an ts. advi ♪♪withain liefwe'rall thcorner of "rief goo...a "fa reef ibett." good thing wgree getyou anout no me.. so you can fd reef ft, th sutio likadvi theorneof hpy and health for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school.
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8:57 am
>> reporter: this is the company's second attempt to launch the airport territory. --observatory. coming up your honor kron 4 morning news 18 and i not behind bars-- a teen accused of kidnapping and raping a
8:58 am
pizza delivery woman. and more on the updates on bobby christina's condition.
8:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ iyou nt it ♪ ♪ gout d geit ♪
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9:02 am
>>george: from a word out to san mattel to from here let's head to the western center. >>james: follow this that this shows you is that we expected on today we will see clearly right
9:03 am
now mostly clear skies just a few clouds tear in there. that is was in store for us as we work our breakthrough today in an awfully cold temperatures a lot of mid-40s drop the bay. >>james: tomorrow even warmer still upper sixties to low 70's and was enjoying not only dry weather but possibly a record highs by the end of the week. >>james: here is just a quick glimpse of whatever it is our right now is on the cool side for one of the level of 43 and saw santa rosa. and that is a store for the south as well. >>mark: an american woman being held by ices is dead there was a woman was taken hostage by ices while leaving a hospital and syria in 2013 she was working with doctors without borders. her parents released a statement
9:04 am
saying she has been dead and notified by ices. the white house also issued a statement affirming her death. >>mark: klan 260 was killed and a jordanian air strike in syria. they said they would kill the worker in her family did not pay $7 million. >>reporter: santa clara police the scene to search for suspects an officer involved shooting in sunnyvale it happened last night when a sedan drove for two of undercover officer. >>will tran: undercover officer and an unmarked car and happen right here in sunnyvale even though this involved the santa clara police officer it happened right here at the intersection of will and alchemy a reality. >>will tran: it is that the guard hit the video we have seen this at the place down for three to four hours and they conducted their investigation the undercover officer not uncommon
9:05 am
for them to venture into bordering cities in this case in sunnyvale. >>will tran: this officer got out of the car pulled over the mercedes got out of his car and tried to investigate that is when the officer felt threatened when the driver of the mercedes goes right after the officer. >>will tran: he fired several shots he was on injured the mercedes speeds off and call for backup but then he was long gone they are not sure if officer struck anyone in the car. >>will tran: baylor bay area hospital if anyone goes in there with gunshot wounds that the note because this happened in sunnyvale. it bothers to the santa clara police officer it was for sunnyvale police department who are investigating this we do know that the officer's name is on the force.
9:06 am
>>will tran: officer has been put on administrative leave. >>mark: knew this morning a stowaway has been arrested again maryland called yet again traveling and sneaky onto a flight the 63 year-old non for and that she was arrested in florida she flew to jacksonville on sunday from minnesota and then went to a hotel and set them on another person's name and into the room. she was arrested for stealing away hot on a flight to san jose lax shoes repeated tried to board a flight from sfo to hawaii. >>reporter: a 17 year-old boy
9:07 am
accused of kidnapping and raping a domino's pizza delivery driver and antioch it happen on blue bell on sunday morning here is how police describe what happened. >>: he ordered her back into her car and ordered the drive to another location in the city at that location he sexually assaulted her and in order to drive back he'd robbed her of some of her belongings and when they went back to the location he got out of the car and flow of ft. if >>reporter: the suspect was identified by the woman identified and later arrested is not be identified because he is under age. >>mark: she will be taken off life support to more than the third anniversary of her mother whitney houston's death. the family said that he came to this is a was realizing his with when your daughter will not recover dmz is recording to launch of apollo investigation that she had and saw her body was use
9:08 am
force to the hospital she was found on response of in a bathtub last month. if >>reporter: coming up in this out with old and in with the new as the vegas hotel will close early this morning we will have more on its stories history and digging out what is this bag is quite a workout getting his car out from underneath all the snow will be back with more. (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you.
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>>george: a major hot spot for antioch the bridge for the counties have been completely shut down in both directions for over an hour now as police are trying to take a person into custody on the bridge. there are successful in their attempts. if you add the kron 4 mobile application you will know about this approach alert is advising users with a kron 4 mobile application of the bridge it is a free download for you to work on apple and android devices. >>mark: another storm hitting the northeast the snowfall records debriefing in boston. 70 in. of snow in the last 30 days are record school shut down again today and to murder trials
9:12 am
have been put on hold until tomorrow. >>mark: additional layer of snow is not. crews of workers around the clock and a bit into the streets but they it said a lot flights also canceled. if >>reporter: take a look at this heavy snowfall blackening boston they had to dig their car out of the snow and the city's beacon hill neighborhood to make things worse as more snow kept coming and she kept going in circles to no surprise that subtly 6 ft. of snow fell overnight. >>james: here's a quick look at what is life outside right now as a focus on our local forecast come up in just a moment more whether on the wake and fact we could wreck some records for the sales trend ahead >>reporter: a fire at a popular store for us to the store to be shut down for several hours will
9:13 am
show you how they're cleaning off the mess this morning.
9:14 am
9:15 am
what's hapned snaing? hodid bece sentindey eating o aft theext,aftethe xt? so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing. >>mark:just in this morning. the twitter account for newsweek has been hacked. reportedly by people supporting the islamic state. >>mark:the tweets included a threat sent to first lady michelle obama. >>mark:newsweek has since taken back control the account. >>mark:the profile and banner was swapped out by a group called cybercaliphate.
9:16 am
>>mark:last month. the same group hacked into the twitter account for u-s central command. as well as several other twitter feeds. >>george: major problems with the closure in the in stockbridge in both directions the northbound lanes have been closed now for about an hour and half. a little less than that for both directions northbound and southbound. police activity here there's a person on the bridge and a man on the bridge to said the chp and other agencies to try to apprehend the but could not. >>george: you're looking at the northbound side of the bridge with this video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news these are people there were stuck on the bridge behind closure there you see the person has been observed and sometime stand in the roadway and stand on the railing and climbing over the railing and
9:17 am
chp has been giving a pretty wide--it looks like that person was on the cellphone. >>george: the delays there are no great alternate route around this problem if you live in the area if you know the two would need to divert east or you will come back was toward the benicia bridge the other hot spots we are tracking are the richmond bridge ride which had an accident in the westbound direction. this is the toll plaza of this is the span that you can see the traffic is still barely moving in the two lanes that were available that is why we are backed up so far beyond the toll plaza the rest of your bridge to new is still backed up into the macarthur maze. >>george: despite the fact that the castle is almost clear the san mateo bridge is still a very heavy ride still well over 25 minutes from hayward into san
9:18 am
mateo and your trip to the golden gate bridge heavy and slow this is the peak of the commute in the southbound direction but has been on a peak and it does to observe some time is in slow this is the it o'clock hour. >>james: is fantastic outside was a conditions even warmer as we headed to this afternoon for the rest of this week here is a live look at the san francisco international airport take a look at the temperatures we see right now it is cool but better than an hour ago we saw widespread low 40's. >>james: 04 to 9:00 hour you will see more fifties and that is exactly is on our map 53 in oakland, 51 in san jose even the no. they were made up gradually of our fifties and now. --not
9:19 am
all >>james: widespread myth even upper six is afternoon san jose will be at 66 in the east bay 61 will be for danville and the more not in a dozen antioch 62 and a lot of east asia airlines san leandro 64 degree warmer and richmond and warmer in downtown oakland. a lot to 3:00 this afternoon san francisco 63 in most of the peninsula will be right there and 62 the 63 degree range. across the north bank santa rosa 65 will be really nice they're in a tunnel of sunshine everywhere there will be a few moments in the afternoon worm see clouds and that is the system that is producing at the high pressure will keep the majority of it away.
9:20 am
>>james: this weekend as a holiday weekend and it will be springlike all around the bay area just-in-time. >>reporter:new measles numbers are out this morning. >>reporter:and they show that the virus continues to spread in california. >>reporter:california health officials say there are now 107- cases confirmed in our state. >>reporter:there are four new cases: >>reporter:two in l-a and two in orange county. >>reporter:all but 18 of the cases are tied to an outbreak that started at disneyland. >>reporter:most of the california victims -- 60-percent of them -- are in people 20 years old or older. >>reporter:the majority of people who have come down with the measles were unvaccinated >>reporter:and in tiburon today-- the reed union school district is expecting a big turnout at tonight's school board meeting. as they are set to vote on eliminating the personal belief waiver in schools for immunizations >>reporter:current law says children have to be immunized or sign a religious beliefs waiver saying the parents or guardians have chosen not to vaccinate their child because of their
9:21 am
beliefs. the school district will be discussing eliminating that waiver in light of the measles outbreak >>mark:it's been two weeks since police say 24-year-old kiran pabla was killed by two speeding cars while she was jogging in san jose. >>mark:one of the two men accused of drag racing on that road made his first court appearance. >>mark:kron four's rob fladeboe was there. >>reporter: currently if three out of custody and hundred thousand dollars bail the 18 year-old boy a welling of gray shirt and tie it entered the not guilty plea in department two to three at all just as monday afternoon. he is facing felony manslaughter reckless driving charges he is was a three year- old also san jose it allegedly were racing down year but when avenue when a loss control of
9:22 am
their car and crashed hitting and killing the young woman who was jogging on the sidewalk nearby. >>reporter: none of them appeared to be in the column at this hearing accuse the suspects of murder at an earlier hearing in late january her attorney says that is going too far they're good people and their string the remorseful. >>: in my opinion someone died in if they feel the same way whether they were a witness or involved in this unfortunate incident resulting in the death of this young woman he certainly feels great remorse. >>reporter: the attorney says it is not clear the two men were racing at all is said there is a witness who claims that the young man was driving in the
9:23 am
speed limit prosecutors say they did not know each other and had no criminal background if convicted however both face a maximum of five years in prison. >>reporter: robots are taking over assembly lines in american factories. a live look at all the creek on a tuesday morning sunny skies and mild for the afternoon.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>>george: no indication what lanes will be reopened i would have looked at the rest of your hot spots come up. >>mark: cheaper better robots for replacement workers in factories at a faster pace over the next decade. the investment will pay off in lower costs and increased efficiency. >>mark:robots will cut labor costs by 22 percent in the united states. >>reporter: a live look outside as a fall and george will be monitoring several hot spots this morning.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>george: still tracking the closure of the antioch bridge it has been shut down for an hour and have both northbound and southbound as police are in sea its feet are on the scene are trying to get a man into custody to has been hanging from the bridge and running across from one side of the stand to the other that is why they had to shut the bridge down in both directions. that has >>george: not been able to successfully get this person apprehended traffic has been backing up for miles and you can imagine the shock the bridge down for over an hour and half the rest in britain of having its own problem of five car crash in the westbound
9:31 am
direction, and we are still slow and the ride heading westbound out of richmond and is backed up the track all the way to 23rd. on westbound interstate 580, this is really jamming of that ride as well. >>george: the bay bridge ride believe it or not even though it does not look like it is clear and slow come from the maze what's gone on to stay 580 and highway 24, the san sale bridge is still a slow ride more looking at 19 to 22 minute drive times not for the bridge but from hayward over to san mateo high 101, and for your trip to golden gate bridge 101 southbound just beginning to recover now from a longer and slower peak commute than we have seen in some time over to the weather center here is james. >>james: i love the shot the blue skies and the cloud was was in store for us today and for
9:32 am
most of the week ahead a lot more low 50s out to the mid to upper 40's 51 in san jose 54 in san francisco with a mix of the 40's and low fifties for the north bay and east bay valley right now a vastly will warm up to above mid-60's for some or one spots in the saw blade 66% jose. >>james: san francisco downtown 53 your peninsula forecast calling for low 60s on the ocean side or the bayside temperatures of one of to the mid '50s and as you head down into the silicon valley that is a quick overview of the forecast for today will talk more long term take a look at the holiday weekend. >>mark:plans are moving ahead to consider a third lane on the richmond san rafael bridge. >>mark:the bay area toll authority is set to meet to talk about the proposal.
9:33 am
kron four's jackie sissel is live on the bridge this morning with details, jackie? >>jackie sissel: that is why they had considered adding a third lane to the bottom that for the eastbound direction in the richmond san rafael bridge that put the plan for and now it may be moving forward at a rapid pace that is because tomorrow at the bay area told authorities as the agency that will meet to consider unlikely to approve the measures to add a third lane to the eastbound direction and potentially even add something for the pedestrian on the westbound side of the bridge. >>jackie sissel: $70 million equal calls for adding a third lane and a pedestrian lanes of
9:34 am
chile has to be approved by caltrans. the good news is there's plenty of room on the bridge to add the third line is wide enough and it will be great news. once they get it approved a start moving backing it up and running in as little as two years. >>reporter:problems at the port of oakland coast. could have a major impact on the u-s economy. >>reporter:a nine-month battle between west coast dockers and shippers has >>reporter:the pacific maritime association blames the longshore warehouse union for the slowdown. >>reporter:but. the president of local labor union i-l-w-u 34. says there have been problems because employers have taken away a second and third shift. >>reporter:now. the national retail federation is calling for an end to the dispute. >>reporter:a federal mediator has stepped hopes of settling
9:35 am
the dispute. happening today. >>reporter:the white house is set to send legislation to congress that would authorize the military mission against isis. >>reporter:some members of congress are concerned about the u-s getting involved to the point where ground troops are necessary. >>reporter:the u-s has already been involved in a bombing campaign against isis targets in iraq and syria. >>mark:but president obama has promised that american soldiers will not be a part of a ground war. >>mark:the legislation being sent to congress is expected to leave wiggle room so president obama has options and exceptions for search and rescue operations. also happening today. memoir. >>reporter:the golden state warriors on fire last night-- as they snapped philadelphia's four-game home winning streak. are at >>reporter:the dubs beat the 76ers 89-84. stephen curry scored 20 points. >>reporter:klay thompson and
9:36 am
former sixer andre iguodala added 13 points it isn't an >>reporter:the warriors have won four of five games and two straight, after opening their four-game road trip with a loss to the hawks on friday. >>reporter: >>reporter:you can see crews have already started to take down the stands. >>reporter:the man who put this on youtube says he attended nearly every game at candlestick since 19-85. >>reporter:he adds, "i'm going to miss you old friend, even if i did freeze". >>reporter: morning news. >>mark:san francisco police are investigating two separate armed robberies at jewelry stores. both happened in the past week. the first robbery happened last wednesday at the tiffany and company store at the westfield shopping center.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>george: a person they're
9:40 am
trying to beat the chp and other agencies to try to take into custody has managed to elude the officers on st. this has been going on now for nearly two hours it has been a little over in his nearly two hours since the person reported in has been an hour in math since all the lands of the bridge have been closed down the northbound side was closed first. if this seems to monitor this all kron 4-- .com all the kron 4 mobile application >>mark: the both happened in the past week the first one here no one was at tiffany and company at the was still shopping center. police say three suspects entered the store. and ordered everyone to get down. >>mark:they took off with an undisclosed amount of jewelry.
9:41 am
>>mark:the latest incident happened friday morning. near sutter and powell streets--- just five blocks away from the first robbery. >>mark:again. three male suspects entered the store. >>mark:they took jewelry from the display cases and safes before taking off in a light- colored s-u-v. >>mark:authorities have not said whether the two incidents are related. >>reporter: this is the carry- on hotel and casino which is being closed in the middle of the nine have been in business for 40 years in the only hotel in the united states offer gambling. no big surprises has changed over a series of times. the laws they is closes property but has not said what he plans to do like all things in vegas is that is going to be big in probably luxuriously everything seems to be going fancy in
9:42 am
vegas. >>mark: will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues to look outside from the san francisco in our studios on the embarcadero center cisco now starting to warm up and ready for some time record- breaking temperatures by the weekend.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>mark: someone on the ridge resisting in the tech into custody this video courtesy or helicopter partners of abc's seven news it started around 730 this morning it was shut down more than an hour and a problem for traffic as police are still dealing with the situation. >>george: continue to jam up the ride in both directions for highway 4 and on 160 mark, it has closed for so long out give you a quick look at what the constitution is here at the bridge this is the shot from our
9:46 am
helicopter partnership with abc seven news they concede there is a person over the railing and for about the last half hour the chp has been in this standoff position try to take that person into custody not being successful at doing so in that is why the bridge has been shut down and does not and there's no indication yet of how soon this will be resolved. >>george: the other situation and hot spots we have been following are here at the richmond bridge was is still backed up beyond the toll plaza and getting word here that there may be some changes in the situation. and indeed there is you concede now that they have that person over the relative they have taken that person into custody so believe there is some good news. this is occurring now and this is live video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news and now they're going to try to work i presume very quickly in order to get this
9:47 am
person out--off of the stand and do the investigation they need to do. for >>george: and if the lines of the bridge reopened you just saw that person has been taken into custody and so there is at least some hope that this bridge will get reopened at least fairly surely again back to the other bridge the we were following which was the richmond bridge i guess we lost that shot here the seoul plaza is still backed up here is the bay bridge rise the backed up into the macarthur maze. the west about 580 ride still at about 19 minutes for your san mateo bridge to build highway 92 we are seeing some improvement finally. >>george: north and southbound lanes of highway 101 just starting to thin out now belong to a backup for the south about ride is the third land animal about direction fairly shortly. >>james: we have the saliva of all the creek beautiful looking shot as you down to the san
9:48 am
ramon valley skies are nice and clear in this gorgeous outside and temperatures exactly where we thought it would be early this morning i sat around 9:00 we will see more widespread fifties. if >>james: this list was dominated by metaphor for most of the morning now we're in the fifth is open 53 in san francisco 56, at 51 san jose 50 in concord santa rosa getting there at currently at 47. temperatures will be lead on this afternoon will begin our torrance santa clara valley a lot of mid '60s milpitas 66 for san jose wife for 60 is a pretty popular number for the santa clara valley. >>james: 64 for presents and warming up to the mid-60s potentially for richmond along the east bay shoreline of will be 67 san francisco and the peninsula will mostly be in the low 60s today was relatively
9:49 am
clear skies a lot of sunshine this afternoon and across the north may you may see a few clouds tear in there but you see sunshine warming anywhere from 62 to 65 degrees. >>james: as a resume and closer to the bay you will see clouds in the minimum high pressure is going to keep the majority of them awake will look for that continued through the week in fact temperatures will warm as we head into the weekend saturday valentine's day and a holiday weekend presence days on monday looking very good low seventies around the bay. if you're heading up to the sea air here was a quick look at just no ski report >>james: look at my rose 15 in. of new snow and that is just no ski report
9:50 am
>>mark:more than 200 people in two communities that have been ravaged by a wildfire along the eastern slope of the sierra nevada are back home this morning. >>mark:firefighters allowed people back into their homes last night. >>mark:the fire burning in swall meadows is now 95-percent contained. >>mark:firefighters say 40 homes were destroyed in the fire. >>mark:those homeowners will be able to go in and salvage what they can. >>reporter:a north bay grocery store is back open this morning. after a fire broke out. >>reporter:it happened late last night. and the store was shut down for >>reporter: they're using the power washer the fire department did respond quickly to this fire here at safeway you can take a look at these pictures from the fire department to see how the fire started behind the store in the trailer park in the loading dock it contained a power washer being used in the
9:51 am
building the smoke from the fire pushed inside of the store and that is what they had to shut down the set when. >>reporter: this shutdown safely for several hours is a 23 hour store and open a 6:00 this morning i just spoke with the personal loan items and the docking area and he said you can see right here. >>reporter: samsung smart tv may be smarter than you think it has a voice command feature that is designed to take and make it easy to change channels but can also record everything you are saying and that information can be sent to a third-party a privacy policy and a fine friend is said samsung is likely doing
9:52 am
this to improve the product performance and not necessarily spy on you as microsoft is also capable of quietly listening to everything you say. >>mark: space act is taking another shot at launching a new observers were into space. this is the company's second attempt to launch the observatory after a failed attempt on sunday it for vice president al gore is a turn for launch it was his idea in 1998 that led to this observatory the spacecraft to fly 1 mi. smart to monitor solar outburst. >>mark: will have a recap of the stories we have been following on a very busy news morning on the kron 4 said in a live look at the bay bridge still dealing with the big backed up this late in the morning.
9:53 am
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oh n we ve adrescodeere, anit'sot s roug nex whoa, thiss a nchb not halleen g. sor - ts luhboxs already capity. rrr.a naral auty. yore ming mel all ? miniabyb is10 natal cheese. a goodourcof protn ancalcm, and whollot fun mini babel.snaca lile bger! >>george: the hotspot we have been tracking the police action
9:56 am
on the antioch bridge in the third of those vehicles that you see line of the person that was on the span was just recently place inside that vehicle that have been apprehended but as you can see lines are still shut down on the antioch bridge in both directions. >>george: there is a question about how long the investigation might take likely the southbound lane should be open before the northbound lanes but with the kron 4 mobile application you can see when the land to be reopened. if >>reporter: the american and a work in the tech and hostage crisis has been confirmed dead or parents were told about her death this morning 260 was tech devices as she was leaving the hospital in syria back in 2013 >>mark: by christina brown will be taken off life-support tomorrow on the third
9:57 am
anniversary of her mother whitney houston's jeff the brown family source said father can to desist once he realizes with your daughter would not recover to dmz is also reporting did not the from the investigation because she had injuries on her body was useless to the hospital she was taught unresponsive in the bathtub in her home last month. >>reporter: marilyn was card yet again traveling for free this time out of florida's 63 year- old tried to board flights here in california and arizona without a ticket she flew to jacksonville on sunday without a ticket. >>mark: reminder that whether you can get updated times the connected with kron 4 on air as well as on line with the kron with the facebook into the fees in the kron 4 mobile application. fifth >>reporter: thank you for joining us this is for they have a great day everyone.
9:58 am
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